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Mission + Vision

Development of the whole child through a connection with nature and a natural love for learning.


I developed Child's Nature out of a deep appreciation for a child's desire to learn through the great outdoors. My attention to children and nature began during my college years as a camp counselor at a special recreation association. Working in the outdoors, following a child's lead, and making the most of a day with sunshine, trails and exploration left little to question about finding contentment. That love grew deeper as I watched my own children find their connection with these same encounters.

My experience grew over the years to include speech therapy, homeschooling, writing, parent support groups, research, and advocacy.  I had special times teaching my own children and creating learning co-ops in the community. I was especially inspired by educational philosophers Maria Montessori and Charlotte Mason and incorporated their teachings into my home and therapy. As my clinical experience grew, I looked for opportunities to bring my clients outdoors for therapy, just as I would my own children. The benefits to their development were highly evident, resulting in increased verbal language, engagement, behavior and motivation. Inspired by similar results at nature schools in the Nordic regions, I determined I could integrate these techniques into pediatric therapy. Thus, a dream was born.

Kim Peterson of PlayWell Pediatric Therapy, LLC and I met during a Nature School program. It didn't take long for us to realize we had a common passion for kids, therapy, and the outdoors. We collaborated by sharing a common practice location that would foster parent-child relationships and be a positive contribution to the community. PlayWell's mission is to provide exceptional occupational therapy services with evidenced based practice, utilizing a holistic approach, and providing education and mentorship to future therapists.

Child's Nature, LLC offers pediatric therapy and developmental programs that meet the needs of the whole child through a connection with the outdoors and a natural love for learning. Keep the passion alive.

~ Carrie Kerr, MS, CCC-SLP/L

Speech-Language Pathologist; Owner Child's Nature, LLC

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