Beyond Theory and Into Practice: Successfully Implementing Core Vocabulary to Create Functional and Purposeful Language in the Pediatric Population


This session will provide participants with three to five case studies focusing on implementing core vocabulary to clients ranging in age and disability within a private practice setting. Although there has been a recent increase in awareness regarding core vocabulary use within AAC, this presentation will move beyond theory to show how clients benefit from a core vocabulary focus. Specifically, the presenters will demonstrate that the vocabulary used on an AAC device should provide individuals with the opportunity to communicate to anybody, communicate anything, and do this at any time, by using a small set of high frequency words that can be used to convey multiple messages across settings. Participants are encouraged to bring their own devices with Words for Life preinstalled, if available.

Date and Time:

October 19, 2017
2:00 pm – 4:30 pm


hands-on (participant-provided devices)


augmentative communication

Subject Level:



Alex Frank
Carrie Kerr

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